Who needs a Personal Chef?
• Busy people
• Active families
• Career-focused singles
• New parents
• Older parents (make sure yours are eating right)
• Those on newly prescribed diets
• Those trying to shed pounds

What is a personal chef?
A personal chef is someone trained in fine cooking with a real passion for food.

Old Stove Gourmet brings this passion to your nightly meals, creating more time for you. Old Stove will cook up to twenty meals in a single visit, and leave them for your enjoyment. There’s no need to clean out the spare bedroom, no one is moving in!

A personal chef is for individuals too time-pressed to plan and prepare wholesome meals every day, or those tired of take-out and processed food. Old Stove brings restaurant-caliber cuisine to your table, because nothing beats the comfort of home.

When will my meals be cooked?
As often as you need them. Generally Old Stove can accommodate your needs with a weekly visit; more or less frequent visits will be arranged based on your household’s needs. You need not be present for your cook date, but I will need access to your kitchen.

Where will my meals be cooked?
Right in the safety of your kitchen.

Why Old Stove Gourmet?
Your meals are going to be crafted by a true professional.
Chef Dana has
• ten years experience in restaurant, hotel and catering industry
• Culinary degree from an accredited university
• Serv Safe certification from the Illinois Restaurant Association
• Insurance
• An obsession with your dining pleasure!

How much does it cost?
The service is personalized for you, so fees vary, but, on average, twenty meals (four servings of five different entrees with sides) are $250 plus the costs of groceries and packaging.

In exchange, you can enjoy the time normally spent standing in line at the grocery store or scrubbing pots and pans after a long day. And that time you’ve spent driving to restaurants and waiting for a table? Use it to get back to the gym, read a novel, or get reacquainted with your family.

How does it work exactly?
We’ll meet and talk about your tastes and lifestyle, and any dietary needs or restrictions. I’ll create a menu profile for you based on our discussion so that you are only served the foods you love.

On your cook date (every Monday, or every other Thursday, for instance), Old Stove will shop for the necessary groceries, and arrive at your home with the required tools. Your food will be cooked, as you like and packaged according to your specifications (single servings, family style, etc.) and labeled with heating instructions. When you are ready to eat, your meal is on the table in minutes.

Delicious additions to your meals can be added should you so desire. Would you like a crunchy salad? Pot of soup? Or a homemade pie? Just ask!

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